Drawing Near Conference

God is real and his Holy Spirit lives in us. When we encounter him, miracles of all shapes and sizes can and do happen. The Drawing Near Conference is a time for us to worship our Father in Heaven, teach from his holy and living word, and pray to the Shepherd who wants to give us everything we could ever need. 

Time alone with Jesus is important, but did you know that He commands us to gather in fellowship? When you commit to being present at our Conference you commit to allowing God to take you on a journey of discovery! Discovery about Him and discovery about who He has made you to be. You are the beloved daughter of the one true King and we want to celebrate that with you!

So forget about the grocery list and the load of laundry sitting in the dryer. Call the babysitter and tell hubby to make plans with the guys because this is the self-care you’ve been waiting for. This is how you fill your cup and we can’t wait to see you there!

The Drawing Near Conference hosts speakers from across the country and is held Friday night through Saturday afternoon. Stay tuned for details about our April 2021 Conference and ways to attend.

2019 Drawing Near Conference